New era new adventure – digital competitiveness and cooperation in V4 countries

Our new project is starting. You can read some former information below.

Digitalisation is one of the most important challange nowdays. Organizations working on the field of intercultural dialogue can’t share their experience and project outputs to the community who can be beneficary of their achieved resaults because of the lack of digital skills and sources. By the V4 Hungary strategy „digitalisation is, and will remain in the forthcoming decades, the main driving force of competitiveness. A plenty of free softwer is aviable on-line to create an innovative, value and data based visual content to express theirself in base of our common roots, cultural heritage and historycal background in V4. The raising multiculturalism in Europe and the 2015 “refugee crisis” have affected significantly the general society across the Europe, and especially the V4 countries. Recent surveys show that although the V4 countries have not experienced any noteworthy inflow of refugees and have only small non-EU minorities, they record worrying and growing rates of xenophobia and hate against foreigners and “otherness” in general. The civil society and academia have cumulated wide experience and information to nurture intercultural dialog in their societies. We know famous documentary film festivals (where the artistic value and the market are in focus), pitch forums (where directors can apply directly for support) in the region but don’t exist a platform where professionals from NGOs with real stories from the field, directors and donors can meet to inspire each other and create a socially and artisticly new impact driven visual material.

We organize innovative capacity building activitities for participants coming from the civil society and public institutions working in intercultural dialogue. During the activitites they learn with the learning by doing method digital visual content making (photo and video) and the shooting (when participants can use their new story telling and visual communication skills) and the presentation technics at Pitch forum to improve new skills for effective communication in national and international (especially V4) context. Professionals (as PR agencies) has valuable skills in the field of visual communication but working with them organizations need an extremely high amount of money that small organizations can not afford. Skills learnt by professionals improve also NGOs competitiveness. At the Pitch forum participants can try sharply their new skills, they can meet with professional filmdirectors to create together an effective, impact driven visual tool (eg. Documetary film). To achive this aim we invite potentional donors at the forum. With digitally produced visual tools they can learn a new visual language (understandable very well also by youth and older age group who use smartphones and social media) and that they can use in everyday communication to build a community around them (engage voluntiers, clients, etc.). Learnt the new skills be learnin by doing method they immediately have visual products to use in different platform. The advantage is also that they can build this knowledge in their trainings to create a more professional services for their clients.

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